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About us - Vulcanet Swiss cleaning wipes

The innovative washing without water product

Our Vulcanet products

As the official Swiss distributor of Vulcanet, we offer a versatile car care product that enables efficient cleaning and maintenance for various types of vehicles. Vulcanet is particularly convenient as it does not require a water source.

With Vulcanet, you can thoroughly clean windows, mirrors, chrome parts, metals, plastics, and bodywork. It is also an effective remover of insects and tar, effortlessly eliminating stubborn dirt. Additionally, Vulcanet can be used on motorcycles and even removes brake dust from rims.

Each pack of Vulcanet contains 85 wipes and a microfiber cloth, providing sufficient materials to comprehensively clean and maintain your vehicle.

As the official Swiss distributor, we have direct access to the original factories in France, allowing you to benefit from the secret formula and high quality of the product. Customers who value thorough cleaning and protection of their vehicles can benefit from Vulcanet.

Vulcanet Auto Moto - Demo-min

Innovation Prize 2008

This product was awarded for innovation in 2008 and ensures the continuous maintenance and protection of your vehicles. It also cleans traces of tar, insects, protects against micro-scratches, and prevents, among other things, leather from tarnishing.

It provides complete cleaning and protection for your bike, car, boat, or any other vehicle!

You can use Vulcanet® anywhere; you don’t need a dedicated space with drainage. No faucet, no brushes or sponges, you just need to move around your machine.

The Vulcanet wipe is a single product for caring for the body, wheels, paint, plastic, and windows of your vehicle.

Bernhard Jetzer
Bernhard Jetzer
Habe das Produkt schon gekannt und angewendet. Meine Meinung...einmal Vulcanet...immer Vulcanet!
Juerg Grossenbacher
Juerg Grossenbacher
Sehr gutes Produkt und schnelle Lieferung. Gerne wieder.
Belinda Schönbächler
Belinda Schönbächler
Wir benutzen Vulcanet so für einiges. Kennengelernt haben wir das Produkt über unsere Oldtimer Garage. Reinigen Hauptsächlich die Scheiben damit und Chromteile, sowie Innenbereich. Schade finden wir, wenn man eine angefangene Packung länger nicht brauchen, dass die Tüchlein trocken werden und somit nichts mehr gebraucht werden können. Die Verpackung müsste stabiler gemacht werden, zwecks Drehverschluss ( kann brechen).
Roger Hüsser
Roger Hüsser
Vulcanet ist ein super Produkt! Verwende es schon seit einigen Jahren. Kriege damit alles weg und dabei ist es gleichzeitig schonend zu meinen edlen Motorrad Teile ☺️. Bin kein Fanboy und auch nicht gesponsert. Das Produkt überzeugt mich einfach.
Heinz Z
Heinz Z
Vulcanet ein tolles Produkt für meine Harleypflege. Nutze es nun schon seit über 2 Jahren und bin sehr zufrieden.
Patrick Marti
Patrick Marti
J'ai acheté le produit Vulcanet pour l'entretien des chromes, des plastiques et des pièces de carrosserie. J'en suis vraiment content car l'utilisation est simple, sans gaspillage et donne de bons résultats avec peu d'efforts. Le shop on-line fonctionne très bien et tout est arrivé parfaitement emballé sous 24h directement dans ma boîte aux lettres.
Markus Bieri
Markus Bieri
Super Produkt, da scheint der 16 Jährige Ford Innenraum wie neu! muss gleich nochmal nachbestellen!
Luc Q
Luc Q
Reinigungstücher sind top! Mit genügend Flüssigkeit getränkt.
Benutze dieses Produkt seit Jahren manchmal mehr manchmal weniger. Produkt ist super. Einfache Handhabung Nach Bestellung war das Vulcanet set inner 2 Tagen bei mir.

Check out the power of Vulcanet cleaning wipes.

Why Vulcanet?

  • It cleans, shines, and protects all surfaces.
  • Saves time.
  • No equipment required, usable anywhere.
  • No risk of scratching or damaging the vehicle when used correctly.
  • No need for water.
  • Removes traces of insect bites on grills, headlights, and bodywork.
  • Removes tar traces on the body.
  • Degreases surfaces without leaving residues.
  • Provides a dirt and water repellent layer, increased protection, and visibility.
  • Removes stubborn deposits from rims without altering alloy, paint, or varnish.
  • Protects surfaces by depositing an invisible antifouling film.
  • For the interior; it cleans and maintains leather & faux leather without making it slippery.
  • You can even clean carpets and Alcantara.

Why Vulcanet saves time:

  • No wet feet.
  • No need to unroll a hose.
  • No foam or foam for rinsing.
  • No time spent filling and emptying buckets.
  • No need to unpack and use endless cleaning products.
  • No dirt and grease deposits on your driveway or garage floor.
  • No need for a pressure washer or fancy tools/equipment.
  • No need for space (cleaning on the street, in a small garage, at work, at a fair possible).

How to use:

  • Take a cloth from the tube.
  • Fold it in half and lay it flat on the hand.
  • Stroke the surface without rubbing. If the surface becomes slippery, you can slightly increase the pressure if needed.
  • Always work in small areas without scrubbing, moving in light circles.
  • Vulcanet captures particles during cleaning and applies a protective film to the surface.
  • Follow with microfiber and make a quick, light circular motion without pressing.
  • The high-quality microfiber is not used for cleaning, but only for finishing the surface: the result is brilliant.
  • Let the vehicle dry a little in wet weather so that the powerful Vulcanet solution is not diluted.